Construction Schedule

Overall Project Construction Schedule

Start of Construction:  Phase 1: August 22, 2016.  Phase 2:  September 12, 2016.

Phase 1 Construction
- Pothole for utilities for installation of traffic signal pole foundations at Ellinwood Drive and Contra Costa Boulevard.

Phase 2 Construction - Replace sidewalk, curb and gutter on east and west sides of Contra Costa Boulevard.  Replace curbs for the center median.  Install street lights in the median and pedestrian lights on the east side.  Plant new trees and shrubs and install irrigation.  Provide pavement rehabilitation including 2 1/2 inches thickness of new asphalt in the new bike lanes, full depth base repairs, and microsurfacing slurry seal for project limits.  Restripe Contra Costa Boulevard to include new bike lanes in the north bound and south bound directions.  

Winter Shutdown:  Mid December 2016 through January 2017.