Street Resurfacing Program

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2017 Street Resurfacing Program Update - completed August 2017

​Funded by a grant from CalRecycle, the City of Pleasant Hill’s 2017 Street Resurfacing Phase II project provided for three separate pavement surface treatments: rubberized cape seal on thirteen residential streets in the Pleasant Hill Manor neighborhood: rubberized stress absorbing member interlayer SAMI-R followed by a rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) overlay on 12 residential streets in the Diablo Valley Estates neighborhood; and a RAC on 8 residential streets and two collector streets. The City hired Telfer Pavement Technologies, Inc., who began the project on June 1, 2017. The project was completed in August 2017. 

CalRecycle’s Rubberized Pavement Grant Program provides assistance to local governments to fund RAC overlay and chip seal projects, along with the opportunity to divert waste tires from landfill disposal. The 2017 Street Resurfacing Project utilized approximately 58,317 square yards of RAC chip seal and 6,491 tons of RAC overlay, which recycled approximately 19,261 used rubber tires into the new roadway surface. As well as recycling used tires, the use of the RAC in lieu of conventional pavement materials eliminates the need for a more expensive resurfacing treatment. This allowed the City to rehabilitate more streets. For more information on the City’s Street Resurfacing Program, contact the Engineering Division at 925-671-5260.

City of Pleasant Hill's Pavement Management System (PMS)
The PMS is a computer-assisted management tool to inventory street pavement, assess pavement conditions, record historical maintenance, forecast budget needs in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and view the impacts of funding on City-wide pavement conditions over time. City streets are divided into manageable sections and their pavement conditions are entered into the PMS computer program called StreetSaver every two years to three years. PMS updates are also sent to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) which use the information to inventory the road conditions of the Bay Area and help guide them on the allocation of their grant monies for roadway repair.

Pleasant Hill Streets

The City of Pleasant Hill has approximately 110 centerline miles of paved surfaces, divided into approximately 768 pavement management segments. The centerline miles are further broken down as 18, 11.0, 82.0 centerline miles for arterial, collector and local streets, respectively. The average condition of the City’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is 66 on a 100-point scale, with 100 being a new street. A rating of 66 is considered is within range of the MTC defined “Good” condition. The City is currently working on the FY 2018-2023 five year paving plan.  Information will be uploaded pending City Council approval.

Please click here for PDF copy of the City Council’s Street Resurfacing Program presentation from January 25, 2014. 

The City of Pleasant Hill Engineering Division establishes five-year street pavement moratorium lists to better manage the pavement degradation from the affects of utility cuts. Please click here for the Street Moratorium web page.

Please report pot holes to the City's Maintenance Division at phone number (925) 671-4646. For additional information about the City's Maintenance Division, please click here to view their web page.