Business Watch

What is Business Watch?

Business Watch primarily establishes links among small businesses and the police. Basically, Business Watch is businesses taking systematic steps to reduce opportunities for crimes in and around business locations. It includes training business personnel to be eyes and ears for the police. In Business Watch areas, police officers and business leaders assist business owners, operators and employees.

Business Watch Programs

  1. Reporting crime: effectively observing and reporting to police on crimes and suspicious activities that could lead to crime.
  2. Operation identification: marking all equipment, machines, etc., with traceable identification numbers for deterrence and tracing.
  3. Robbery prevention: eliminating “easy prey” crime opportunities.
  4. Burglary prevention: adding security measures to impede criminals, detect criminal activity, and communicate with the police.
  5. Self-protection: learning to recognize dangerous situations, and learning how to prevent, avoid, or flee them.
Business Watch programs often have a business leader act as the block security chief for the participating businesses. The Community Resources Officer will be the liaison with the Business Watch group.

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